The association of “Henoko” Referendum on the Construction of a new U.S. Base in Henoko has submitted the collected signatures that request realization of the referendum to the election administration commissions in Okinawa. After the careful examinations, it is confirmed that the number of valid signatures turns out to be 92,848 out of all 10,950 signatures collected.

  Because the number of the valid signatures has significantly exceeded beyond the legal number, we request to establish a law to realize the referendum based on the Local Autonomy Law.

  We would like to report the above fact and thank the people in Okinawa prefecture.


  Our movement for “Henoko” Referendum goes to the second stage in which realization of the referendum is deliberated in the prefectural assembly. This referendum will disclose public consensus in Okinawa based on direct democracy. It is also consistence with the purpose of the 95th article] of the constitution.

  We expect sincere deliberation of the members of the prefectural assembly and speedy approval of the law. We also expect smooth cooperation of the municipalities in Okinawa for early implementation of the referendum.

On August 8th, we learn of governor Onaga’s sudden passing. He had given weight on public opinion and understanding the significance of the referendum. We would like to continue our call for setting the referendum to represent the will of the Okinawan people on the principle of democracy.

 Governor Onaga had repeated “it is a crying shame to see the ignorance of the Japanese people on overload the U.S. military base on Okinawa. They should think about the burden of the Japan-U.S. Security Agreement”, and we also want to make an intensive appeal to the people all over Japan.

The referendum will be the good chance for not only Okinawan people but also all the people in Japan to carry out more in-depth discussion on Henoko issue. We should think about is the Japanese democracy really allow the excuse such as “Henoko was decided on not for strategic reasons but purely out of political motivation that the government was unable to gain understanding from the mainland for making it the relocation site”.

We strongly request the Japanese government to take special notice of the public opinion and halt the construction of the military base on Henoko at least until the referendum is finished.


September 5th, 2018
The association of “Henoko” Referendum on the Construction of a new U.S. Base in Henoko Representative: Jinshiro MOTOYAMA